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Famines not for lack of food

70 million will need food assistance in 2017 READ MORE

Could this be NYC in 2140?

A novelist's vision of a drowned city that still never sleeps

Connecting bullying, sexual harassment

While news reports have connected bullying and teen suicide, research now shows connection to sexual assault.

Rewritable paper becomes reality

Research suggests how to reuse paper without chemical recycling process

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Helping hands following 3 disasters

Texas survivors struggle following two floods and tornadoes

Flood damages more than homes

Mennonites pledge to help residents rebuild bridges to their homes

Free clinic is one response to Katrina

New Orleans ministry prompted by church-sponsored clinic in Mexico

Fire response becomes way of life

Faith-based organizations rebuild fire-destroyed homes while ministering to new evacuees

Grand Bayou residents slowly rebuild

MDS responded to a largely forgotten community in the Bayou

How to recognize personal stress

Workshops for caregivers focus on self care in wake of disasters