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When is public violence terrorism?

Ethicist asks if there are moral differences between terrorist and nonterrorist violence? READ MORE

Small NM town reels from violence

Presbyterians, community leaders, reaching out to those traumatized by high school shooting.

Churches assist wildfire survivors

While the CA wildfires have been largely eclipsed by political news in the national press, local houses of worship are working to assist survivors

Electricity, roads still out in USVI

Virgin Island residents fear their needs are being forgotten as Episcopalians respond

News By Others

Neighbors help neighbors flee wildfire

Faith leaders among evacuees of Southern California devastation

Childrens program deploys to fires

California wildfires just the latest disaster for volunteers from Brethren Children's Disaster Services.

UCC volunteers find work inspiring

FL just the latest location in more than decade of disasters for these volunteers

Staff return with supplies for island

ABHMS continues to support restoration of Puerto Rico with funds, supplies, visits

Cleaning up Ella's home

Volunteers from World Renew help Port Arthur resident whose home was damaged in Harvey

MDS responds to small TX towns

Assessment team identifies need in rural communities

News Briefs

CA county urges flood preparation

San Diego County urges residents to prepare for flooding that often occurs following wildfires

Mercury is polluting the Arctic

A new study suggests how mercury from industrialized countries is deposited in the Arctic regions.

Cities must get smarter about disasters

Innovation will be needed to help urban areas cope with increasingly extreme weather events.

Mini-tremors could help predict quakes

Researchers say fracking reactions can identify underground instability.

Give cash -- don't send 'stuff'

Once again, Americans have opened their closets and sent clothing they believe is needed for survivors

Urban, racial disparities mark gun deaths

Of all firearm homicides in the world, 82 percent occurs in the US.