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Slowly rebuilding after Irma

Volunteers help Florida residents whose homes were damaged by the hurricane five months ago. READ MORE

Rare PA tornado damages homes

More than 200 buildings damaged when the twister hits southwest PA city.

Puerto Ricans in PA find helping hands

UCC's collaborate with other faith-based organizations to help evacuees find resources, jobs, homes.

Multiple skills help pastor in response

Pastor, electrician, mediator, social worker, are all skills of the MDS Puerto Rico disaster coordinator.

News By Others

Church welcomes vulnerable

Following the California wildfires, a UCC church became a safe haven of information for undocumented survivors

Erratic utilities complicate recovery

Still reeling from last year's hurricanes, Caribbean residents begin to worry about this year.

$1 million raised for Puerto Rico

American Baptists reach rebuilding initiative goal, volunteer teams encouraged to plan work.

TX survivors witness 'love'

"True service is love in working clothes" says sign at MDS work site.

Episcopal Bishop visits USVI

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry meets with worshippers and clergy during pastoral visit to hurricane-ravaged islands.

Fires, mud change church focus

Like its neighbors, an Episcopal congregation was forced to evacuate but has found a new mission in midst of disasters.

News Briefs

Better education not guns is answer

The “target hardening” approach might actually make things worse 'by changing students’ experience of schools in ways that suggest violence rather than prevent it.'

Acidic oceans may dissolve reef sands

Researcher believes coral reef sands will begin to dissolve in next 30 years,

Should media display graphic images?

Researcher says crime scene photos could encourage more violence.

Why are teens changing gun message?

iGen, is a unique generation one that may be especially sensitive to gun violence

Focus on men could reduce domestic Violence

Increasingly, domestic violence agencies are including men and boys in domestic violence prevention efforts

Preparing for next flu pandemic

Health law expert says world is ill prepared for a major flu pandemic