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Episcopalian bishop visits USVI

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry meets with worshippers and clergy during pastoral visit to hurricane-ravaged islands. READ MORE

Church becomes info center

Ministry provides information for traumatized CA mudslide survivors

Compassion found in Puerto Rico

Mennonite trauma specialist finds those who have little are sharing with those who have less.

FL Irma recovery will last years

Volunteers cite concern for continuing awareness and donations

News By Others

Puerto Ricans 'have a good heart'

Episcopalian Presiding Bishop visits the island with church leaders during a pastoral visit to the island.

Small NM town reels from violence

Presbyterians, community leaders, reaching out to those traumatized by high school shooting.

Church is relief hub for mudslides

Itself without electricity, All Saints-by-the Sea Episcopal Church has become a staging and relief center for the deadly California mudslides.

UCC volunteers find work inspiring

FL just the latest location in more than decade of disasters for these volunteers

'Climate change refugees' need help

Climate change isn't something that will happen 'someday.' it is already impacting millions.

Mental illness & guns is myth

Research disputes common rumors that access to firearms by the mentally ill is producing more shootings.

News Briefs

Flu season exposes medical system flaw

Hurricane-damaged supply manufacturers in Puerto Rico, severe flu strain combine to create crisis.

Trauma may raise women’s heart risk

New research links traumatic experiences and later vascular health issues that place women at risk for heart disease.

Maps could have prevented CA tragedy

University of Washington researcher says mudslides were predictable if officials had just paid attention.

Weather extremes: both heat and cold kill

Study finds heat waves and cold snaps are both found to increase mortality rates.

Will Puerto Ricans ever return home?

Hurricane Irma, Maria have hastened migration to US mainland.

No easy answers for post-fire mudslides

Scientist challenges common assumptions of the reason mudslides follow wildfires