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Severe Weather

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  • Weather Advisory Browser - weather bulletins and tracking of major storms. Users may choose any location in U.S. and Canada for a variety of weather advisories.
  • Weathernet - one of the best weather sites bringing together a lot of different maps, reports and related links.
  • weatherOnline! - bills itself as the 'ultimate weather site on the 'net!' It has lots of links and through a framed-site provides U.S. Hurricane Center charts.

Swine Flu Pandemic

  • There are currently no links listed for Swine Flu Pandemic.


  • The Tornado Project Online - a list of tornadoes by state. It also lists the Fujita scale of tornado intensity and other tornado information.

Tropical Storms


  • Volcano Watch - is a product of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory of US Geological Survey, providing facts and information about volcanic actitivity in Hawaii.
  • Volcanoes Page - Michigan Tech's page of volcanology, provides information about current and historical volcanic activity.


  • Fire Danger Map - predicts the fire potential conditions and locations of current U.S. wildfires.
  • National Interagency Fire Center - contains links to the most up-to-date fire information, including The Incident Management Situation Report, Incident Information System (Inciweb), and The National Fire News, among others..
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Fire Management - provides current wildfire situation reports across the U.S. and other helpful information.

Winter Storms

  • Avalanche Danger Scale - provides a detailed description of what U.S. warnings mean.
  • Boulder Colorado Climate and Weather Data - includes a variety of information, from the current snowpack levels in the Rockies to the Colo. Avalanche Center. Other weather data -- winter and year 'round is also included.
  • Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center - includes resources about current conditions around the globe and links to email lists.
  • Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center - provides detailed information about current avalanche forecasts and mountain conditions in the northwestern U.S. Using Internet camera links, viewers can see the current conditions in mountain passes, and resources for avalanche education.
  • Worldwide Avalanche Network - includes links to weather, resources for those interested in learning more about avalanches and links to other avalanche-related sites.