Current Headlines

Students start summer in mission

Texas colleges send team to help Hurricane Harvey survivors. READ MORE

Volunteers address unmet needs

World Renew teams interview more than 500 survivors of Hurricane Harvey who are still seeking aid.

10 ways churches plan for disasters

UMC insurer publishes disaster guide for local churches

2016 floods still challenge survivors

Week of Compassion and INCARelief collaborate to rebuild damaged homes in Louisiana.

News By Others

Faith groups respond in Guatemala

Following the sudden volcanic eruption, the religious community finds ways to help.

Volunteers care for Hawaiian children

Team from Children's Disaster Services deployed to help volcano survivors.

Thousands flee volcano eruption

Faith organizations help evacuees as Hawaiian disaster continues.

Volunteers rebuild island churches

American Baptist Home Mission Societies help Puerto Rico residents

Rebuilding lives in Puerto Rico

World Renew and ADRA team up with local partners to rebuild homes damaged by last year’s hurricanes

Wildfires prompts mission re-examination

Federated PC-USA and UMC faith community change to narrative budget brings stewardship success.

News Briefs

How corruption slows disaster recovery

Will lessons learned in 2017 hurricane season blunt potential problems this year?

Insects spreading more diseases

Ticks, mosquito-borne illness more than doubled in less than 15 years

Could a boycott curb school violence?

Author suggests lessons can be found in the 'opt-out' test movement.

Community is key in violence

Improving school climate, not just security, important to prevent future violence.

Paper, sunlight found to purify water

The simple but unique method helps regions produce clean water.

What makes a community resilient?

Stanford University study explores how communities recover — or fail to recover — from disasters.